Catie Radney

Catie Radney

Catie Radney: The Space In Between

As I stand before my paintings I see the infinite.

My purpose is the process. 

I enter my painting to portray that which is far beyond words. 

Ever tiny dot is a world in and of itself evoking its own feeling and experiences.

My hope is to offer a glimpse beneath the surface into the journey of the infinite.


Artist Bio:

Catie Radney is a professional artist educated at the University of Alabama. Born and reared in Brewton, Alabama, Catie's home and studio is now in Alexander City. Since 2005 Catie has commuted weekly to apprentice with 2009 Alabama Artist of the Year, Hugh Williams. Catie is an active member of the Alabama Art Colony, a diligent supporter of the arts and a serious life-long practitioner of the visual process.

The paintings of Catie Radney are the products of intense and intimate conversations spoken in the language of form, space, color and gesture. An exuberant and impassioned artist, Catie is consumed with curious struggle of shaping image from the imagination. Her use of tonally consonant and contrasting color combined with vigorous brushwork, imbues Catie’s paintings with a complex emotional presence. While her paintings often feature forms or silhouettes, they are intimately about the act, the process of painting and perhaps how that reflects the process of living. Catie’s mission is to explore the painter’s struggle to breathe life into flat forms and through that process to reflect the physic rigors of the human condition. Her paintings are intimate but open, private but shared journeys.



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25 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060


25 West Park Square
Marietta, GA 30060
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